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January 14, 2018

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Making Friends With Inmates

There are very many people, both male and female, who are incarcerated and are just waiting for someone to write and exchange with them life experiences. To help in the loneliness that comes with prison life, sites have been created that allow people on the outside to find inmate pen pals.

Inmates who receive letters usually feel encouraged. This is because they have been cut out from the rest of the world and have probably been deserted by their friends and family. However, you have to note that these inmates are convicted felons and that caution should be used. With this in mind don’t be gullible and pursue understanding of the inmate’s situation.

There are sites that can provide you with all the information that you need on the inmates that can be your pen pals. You will find important information about the inmates and you might get one that has shared interests with you, this is how you finally decide on the inmate that you can choose to be your pen pal.

The sites usually have the inmates photo, age, name, and state, this will, therefore, make your search much easier. The inmates usually create their own personal ads that are placed below the photos and can help their pen pal to get into contact with them. There are no charges when you write the inmates and you can send the letters to the mailing address that will be provided on their ad.

Of course, it’s intimidating to write an inmate for the first time. Therefore to break the ice it’s best to write a brief description of yourself and include your interests, hobbies, and a photo. This is a great way to start a conversation.

It’s wider to talk with many inmates so that you can find your pick. Doing this helps you to learn about the various inmates and eventually helps you to get one.

Be on your best behavior and treat the inmates with dignity and respect. This way you will enable them to feel a sense of belonging and hope as they strive to turn their lives around.

There are many benefits of writing an inmate. For example; you will keep their spirits up and let them know that they are not alone. It will also help them to cope with being in prison and they will feel like time is passing more quickly.

Having a good relationship with someone from outside helps the inmates to keep steady once they are out of prison, and they are most likely to never come back to prison. This correspondence also helps the prisoner to join society faster and without any hustle.

Inmate pen pals have a duty to encourage the prisoners to look at changing their lives for the better.

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